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Meet Ms. Karen Lewis Ettienne

Welcome to Lewis Academy for Students With Needs where our motto is “All Students Can Learn”. My name is Karen Lewis Ettienne and I am  the CEO of this fine school. As a licensed teacher and administrator, my instructional  capabilities, leadership qualities combined with my strong interpersonal expertise have created an educational agenda fit to serve children with multiple special needs. 

Over the years I have come to understand how important education is in preparing young people to succeed in life’s endeavors. I anticipate introducing a love of learning and a craving for continuous knowledge within each student by instituting and collaborating with great teachers. As CEO my aim is to inspire and motivate teachers and students in identifying their passion for teaching and learning. I intend to offer an exciting learning atmosphere that enables students to trust their capability to learn and as a result, develop self-confidence.

As a second generation educator with 23 years of combined teaching and leadership experience, I have found the technique of facilitating and dialogue, rather than dictating, to be an extremely favorable method of communicating. Furthermore, I have learned that if students create their individual learning skills, they will not only maintain information longer, but they will also become more confident in their capabilities. Being committed to this affirmation is validation of my passion and experience in education. As an educator and leader I love working with people and will continue to make every effort to guide others in a supportive manner.

As a teacher with many years of experience in a Special Needs classroom along with administrative responsibilities, I feel the need to continue[] to groom the younger generation. My passion as an educator  is not only in the classroom, but in ensuring that educators are prepared to grow professionally so that students are obtaining the best learning experience possible. After all, excellent administrators produce excellent supportive administrators who cultivate a range of partnerships particularly with staff, parents, and community organization.

As CEO of Lewis Academy my goals are clear. Firstly to champion the cause of providing a thorough and efficient education to our children that adequately prepares them for the real world. Secondly to motivate and inspire teachers, parents, students members in our community. Thirdly, to bring support to our families with love and compassion, and understanding. Finally to groom our staff to have a school that would remain a beacon of educational light shining into our neighborhood giving hope to all.


Respectfully Yours,

Karen Lewis Ettienne

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