In celebration of the launching of Lewis Academy (LASSN) and its purpose of helping children with Special Needs in Trinidad, we would like your support in this awesome venture. We are asking if you are able and can donate items for the school (school supplies, etc.) or contribute monetarily towards ensuring that the school is fully prepared to help the children in the surround communities in the southern part of Trinidad. Monies will go towards scholarships and other functions in servicing the community.


Any Donations or Contributions are Appreciated.

How to Donate?

If you are in the United States, monetary donations can be made via Zelle to

If you are in or outside of the United States, monetary donations can be made via Paypal to the same email address of 


(Please copy the email address above and paste into the search bar after clicking the "Make a Gift via Paypal" button. 

If you would like to donate items to help in the growth of the school, please email

For any Additional help, please send an SMS to 1-862-276-8521