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The aim of Lewis Academy For Students With Special Needs is to provide educational services to the special needs population of  Trinidad and their families by treating each child as the success they are and will become. To encourage the highest level of functioning of each student within society while limiting them being stifled by their surrounding environment.

Our areas of focus include children who have the following needs:
Down's Syndrome
Hearing Impaired
Our Target Groups
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Our target group ideally are parents and families with children (ages 2 to 15 years old). They must be diagnosed with a special need or disability or have one or more behavioral, social, emotional, and learning disability. Parents with children who have limited access to educational and supportive services for their special needs are our main target. The school entry ages will be  will be children entering kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school.


We offer a wide rage of approaches to meet the optimum educational targets for our students with:


•    Individualized education
•    Small classes
•    Low teacher-to-student ratios
•    Specially trained teachers
•    Self-contained classrooms
•    Resource rooms
•    Tutoring programs
•    Academic and psychological counselling
•    Learning aids

Meet Our Team
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