Meet Ms. Marilyn Sookdar

Ms. Sookdar has a great passion for teaching and an unconditional love for children. This passion has been nurtured with 47 years of teaching experience at Primary, ECCE and Special Needs schools. The need to impact the next generation of learners and mindful of the fact that excellent teachers work with ordinary students and get extraordinary results; as well as the fact that every child can learn and none should be left behind to fall through the cracks; is what propels her to be committed to leading a calibre of efficient, proficient and fully certified teachers to fulfill the academic needs and the holistic development of everyone of our students at the academy.

  Miss Sookdar: "I am aware that learning has shifted from the normal classroom setting of chalk and talk and we are now faced with a new normal of virtual learning. Our techniques have been modified and modernized. We are engaging all our stakeholders in the teaching learning process. We have developed creative and attractive user-friendly teaching learning contents in order to make the journey forward as comfortable, enjoyable and as meaningful as possible for students, parents and teachers.Our classes are small to cater for individual differences and attention."

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